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Good News Productions LLC is an imaginative and dynamic film production company centered in Richmond Virginia.  Founded in 2007, by Dahsheen Amin and Kevin Shamsid-Deen, Good News Productions is an independent film company whose mission is geared toward entertaining, and inspiring the viewer while also generating a sense of efficacy toward positive change.  Our films reflect the grim reality of life and its challenges while refraining from the over use of gratuitous violence, stereotypical ethnic characters and fruitless exploitation of women.  Good News Productions has comprised a powerful network of artists to produce films in multiple genres including dramas, suspense, psychological thrillers, romantic comedies, family films and historical and informational documentaries.  

Good News Productions has produced three feature films in multiple genres: “Recover Me”, an Urban drama, winner of the 2009 Virginia International Independent Film Festival, “Sessions” a Romantic comedy, and our most recent film “Temp” suspense/crime drama, depicting a gritty portrayal behind the deviant world of human sex trafficking in United States.

Good News Productions is dedicated to giving back to the community through our film apprenticeship program, The Good News Project.  The Good News Project affords At Risk Youth with the opportunity to learn hands on skills in the field of film making, screenwriting, photography and music production.



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Good News Productions

Good News Productions is gearing up for our next production: “The Spider” A quiet New England town is suddenly ripped to violence as a serial killer begins to mold his own distorted views of religion into personal protocol and prescriptive punishment.


All of our films are funded in part through our generous sponsors. Please see our sponsors page for a list of those who help make “Good News Productions” possible.